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The Publisher & President for Help's Here!™ is Margaret Fleming. She has spent a good part of the past 40 years in the publishing industry with side trips into computer sales (does anyone remember CP/M and the Intertec Superbrain) and property development, but her first love has always been publishing. Her first venture into publishing was with Northern News Services in Yellowknife NWT. After spending 12 years in the true north, she came home to Toronto with her son Patrick. Ms. Fleming holds an Honours BA degree. She turned her attention from working as the Regional Business Manager of the York Region Newspaper Group (Metroland) to publishing Help's Here!. To contact Margaret Fleming, email

If you are part of the “Sandwich Generation” - or part of the 20% of the workforce aged 35-64+ caring for an elder loved one - this directory is for you! There are many resources in the GTA, and we show you where to find them in your local area!

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Contributors to Help's Here!™ are passionate about helping each other care for our elders with love, patience and understanding (and with appreciation for the three "D"’s: duty, devotion, and days off!). Help's Here!™ is committed to bringing you the best information when you need it most!

Help's Here!™ is packed with interesting and unusual tips about caring for elder. If you have suggestions, stories, comments or tips, we would love to hear from you. We will try to include them in a future edition! please email us at:

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